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Feral Cat Rescue, Inc. (FCR) is a non-profit, grass roots rescue organization founded in 2007 by a group of volunteers who were profoundly moved by the suffering of feral cats and kittens in their communities.  FCR believes in humanely reducing the number of feral, stray, unwanted, and abandoned cats  in St. Mary's County through a variety of methods without euthanasia.  FCR believes that these valuable animals deserve humane treatment and care as all cats do. Our volunteers include a large community of people who have opened their hearts and unselfishly given their time to improve the quality of life of these animals forgotten by so many.

" Feral Cats—They live in the shadows —the alleyways, empty lots and condemned buildings of almost every neighborhood. Their lives are short and usually harsh. They struggle to find food and water in an environment filled with the constant threats of disease, starvation, cruelty, and predation. They are the abandoned, the lost and the wild—and they need our help."

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   Phone Number: 301.475.5059

Hello, my name is Abby and I am 4 years old. I am looking for a special home with a special person who will be patient with me. I am very shy at first. I don't show well at Petco because I am so afraid to be there. With my foster mom, it took me about 3 weeks to trust her. Once I knew she wasn't going to hurt me, I became completely friendly with her. I go over to her whenever she calls me. I love when she gives me special treats. I also love for her to pet me. Whens he comes in the room, I am so happy to see her and run over to her to be petted. I don't like other cats or dogs. I have not been around children. They would probably not be my cup of tea. Because of my shyness, I will have an extremely difficult time finding a home. Someone would really have to give me the chance to warm up. I won't be instant love like some of the other cats. Would you please give me a chance? I really must find a home of my own. My foster mom is spread thin with trying to take care of so many cats. I would love you always, Abby.


Feral Cat Rescue, Inc. is a participant in the 2014 St. Mary’s County Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC provides Federal employees an opportunity to pledge monies in support of Feral Cat Rescue's efforts to rescue hundreds of cats and kittens. The CFC is one of many ways in which Feral Cat Rescue seeks to raise funds and we appreciate your consideration of this option for the upcoming 2014 campaign and subsequent years.  For more information please go to http://www.stmaryscountycfc.org