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Looking for kitten cuteness? You've come to the right place! Below are all our adorable babies available for adoption.

These kittens are all 6 months old or less.

Kittens can go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, but you can apply at any time.

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Library Kittens - Birthday: January 25, 2023

Finn is a little shy, but once you get him in your lap, he never wants to leave!

"K" Kittens - Birthday: April 22, 2023

Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!

Little Mermaid Kittens - Birthday: March 9, 2023
Prince Eric

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Star Kittens - Birthday: April 12, 2023

Lyra is sweet and snuggly and loves new friends. She likes to get your attention by putting one paw on your foot.


Andromeda is an adventurer. It was hard to get a picture of her because she's always moving! Andromeda loves being petted and will purr when she sees you.

Single Kittens
DOB: 5/19/2023

Tabby used to live in a 40 cat colony where FCR was trapping. She had a severe eye infection, so when we trapped her, we knew we had to help! She now loves canned food and people!

Great Mills Kittens - Birthday: June 25, 2023

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Orange Kittens - Birthday: May 13, 2023
Mr Snickerdoodle

If you need someone to talk to "I am your guy" I Love to chat. I love to follow you around and do everything that you do. I'm outgoing, sweet, and cute as can be. SNUGGLY. My sister Dreamsicle is just as perfect. Super friendly, most awesome gem! We both love to be scooped up and carried around, put in your lap, and I'm sure we will want to take over your bed and be great cover snugglers... whoever finds us will have found the best treasures EVER and a new best friend/s. We get along with 15 cats and kittens in our foster home and have been around the dog.

"Big" Pepper Kittens - Birthday: May 20, 2023
Belle Pepper

Belle is the sweetest girl! She is instantly all purrs when she sees you. She is the largest of the litter and takes her job as big sister very seriously. She has taken Toby under her wing and helps him not be so scared all the time.


Toby is a beautiful fluffy boy! He's very shy, and he gets his confidence from his big sister Belle. Right now, they are only available for adoption together because Toby needs her.

Orchid Lane Kitten - Birthday: May 20, 2023

Muk came from a colony where some of the neighbors were not kind to the kitties. In order to keep him safe, Muk's mama had him in the sewers and that's where he grew up. When he was big enough to climb out, Muk's mom would bring him to the colony feeder for food and that's when he was trapped by FCR. He is very grateful for his rescue. He's all purrs, although he's a little shy and a little special due to his very sheltered upbringing. Now that he has other kittens to hang out with, he really hates being alone and will cry. Right now, he's hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy kittens, so he could be adopted with one of them.


Sophie is such a sweet girl! She is a little shy at first, and she really hates Petco so she doesn't show well, but once you get her home and give her some treats, you'll see what a sweet, loving, playful girl our Sophie is! Give her a chance!

Thor Kittens - Birth Month: June 2023

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Barbie Kittens - Birth Month: June 2023

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Encanto Kittens - Birthday: June 26, 2023

Playful and cuddly, this girl is everything you want in a kitten! She warms up to new cats, dogs, and people pretty much immediately. She'd be a perfect fit for almost any home.

Leonardtown Kittens - Birthday: May 26, 2023
Mr Butters

Mr Butters can be very shy at first. It can take him some time to bond with people and other cats. Once he does bond though, he is a loyal and loving boy! Earn his trust and love with wet food. He melts like butter for it!

Movie Star Kittens - Birthday: July 26, 2023

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Michelle Pfeiffer

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Artist Kittens - Birthday: August 14, 2023
Vincent van Gogh

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Van Kittens - Birthday: September 24, 2023

Meet PHILIPPE! Phil says: "I'm a White long-hair w/ Van cat markings, sporting a side fedora and wearing a gold bangle. I'm super sweet, fuzzy, and often wear a pout. I like my belly tickled. I'm super crazy about that fancy wet food. I'll be ready for adoption soon so you better fill an application ASAP - Handsome me won't stick around long. Places to go, people to see..." Love, Phil