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Honeysuckle Kittens - Birthday: March 8, 2023

I love to sit and stare at you. I seem to communicate by watching you to get your attention. I got my name from my older half-sister whom I look just like! Please think of adopting me with a sibling or another young friend!

Adoptable Kittens

Looking for kitten cuteness? You've come to the right place! Below are all our adorable babies available for adoption.

These kittens are all 6 months old or less.

Kittens can go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, but you can apply at any time.

Adoption Process

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Snack Food Kittens - Birthday: April 1, 2023
Charlie Chips

I am Charlie Chips! I am the bold leader of my litter! I'm always up for a new adventure! I would love a home with one of my siblings or with another cat for me to play with.

Ruffle Jane

I know my brothers are very handsome and get all the attention, but I am just as playful and fun! I can hang with the best of them. Consider taking me with one of my brothers for double the fun!

Dorito James

I am the runt of my litter, but I think I'm the cutest. I love to cuddle in your lap and nap, but when I wake up, I'm ready to play! I would love a cat friend in my new home.

Chester Cheeto

I'm handsome and I know it! I am a sweet, cuddly, playful ball of fluff! Adopt me with one of my siblings or if you already have a cat for me to play with, I would love to meet a new friend!

Mr. Mouse

Hi, I'm Mr Mouse! My foster mom says I'm a squeaky, snuggly little baby who reminds you when you're not paying enough attention to me. My favorite thing to do is move my head under your hand when you're not petting me.


My name might not sound like a snack food, but I'm named for the Stacy Pita Chips. I am a sweet, affectionate girl and I love to play!

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M&M Kittens - Birthday: April 10, 2023

Misty doesn't love to be held, but she'll cuddle up next to you! Loves to play with her siblings. Closest with Maryann.


Loves back scratches and cuddling! She's playful, but she gets sleepy very easily.


Monica is very sweet and cuddly. She likes to be held and is very playful!


May is the most playful and loves to give kisses! She is always closeby and likes to sit on your hip.


Maria might be the sweetest of the bunch. She loves to cuddle up next to you or on you. Playful, but would rather be with her human.


Mikey is the only boy! He is cuddly and doesn't mind being held, but he is also the first to pounce or tumble around.


Marsha loves to play and although she is cuddly and doesn't mind being held, you have to go to her for it. Prefers to blend in rather than stand out.


I am the baby of the bunch. But that just makes me the cutest, sweetest, smartest, and most playful of them all! I like to think so anyway. I'm a little small right now, but just wait! I'll catch up quick!

Lover Album Kittens - Birthday: April 3, 2023
Taylor Swift

Taylor is the star of the show! She is the most curious and most playful of the litter. Miss Americana is her best friend. Taylor is a high energy kitten and very friendly. She differs from her sister by the white patches on her belly.

Miss Americana

Miss Americana is very friendly and playful. Taylor Swift is her best friend. She spends hours a day playing and seeks out the company of her foster family. Miss Americana is litter trained and very quiet. She is solid black.


Meredith is shy and seeks out the comfort of other cats and her favorite people. We consider her a lap cat in training. She really likes older cats.


I show off my beautiful big eyes with permanent black eyeliner! Don't blame me for being beautiful - I was born this way. I'm also very playful, a little chatty, and more petite than my kin. Maybe it's just that I have shorter fur, but I'm so darn cute.


I'm Sally! I'm the "look-alike" to my popular cousin Louisa. I love to play with her. She is teaching me to be brave, playful, and trusting. She is like my big sister because she was brought into foster care real early and I'm still new to it and learning the ropes. I'm super gorgeous though and coming around nicely.

Library Kittens - Birthday: April 4, 2023

Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!


Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!


Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!


Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!


Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!

Library Kittens 2 - Birthday: Feb 1, 2023

Finn is a little shy, but once you get him in your lap, he never wants to leave!


Ely is still a little on the shy side, but he will seek out his human for pets and love!

Fluffy Kittens - Birthday: April 4, 2023

Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!


Meet me at Petco to learn more about me!