Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Lucy

Gender: Female

Birth Year: 2020

Don’t let my injured paw get in the way of noticing how truly loving and spectacular of a cat companion I am. If you seek a partner for life to LOVE you, to HUG and cling to you, to appreciate every little pet they get – then PICK ME!! My heart aches to be loved. And I actually do hug you. I ask that you pick me up and hug me tight. Often, I’ll unsuccessfully climb you to get close or I’ll longingly stare until you notice me and pick me up. I am sweet as can be. I just want to be loved, and to love you back. That’s truly me. (I get along just fine with my ‘special’ paw. It doesn’t slow me down, I just can’t use it).

If you’re still interested, here is a short backstory. “I had a mom who loved me very much. Basically, mom became homeless. I was left with a neighbor but I got out, got lost in the woods and broke my foot (which was healed over by the time I was found). Many months later my mom came walking through the old neighborhood adjoining the woods. I recognized her, and she saw me too, and I came out of the woods trembling quite a bit but I let her scoop me up and take me away from where I’d been hiding out. Mom was unable to take me back in due to her living situation. She still loved me and called someone she knew in Feral Cat Rescue to take care of me. So here I am! I waited and waited but mom isn’t coming back for me. What I want for the 2024 new year for is for a special home of my own and someone to love me and value me and take good care of me. In return, I’ll do the same for you.” Love, Lucy.