Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Gendry

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2022

Gendry is a short-statured guy who enjoys being petted and brushed. Which is good because look at all that fur! Most of him is just fluff, really. His fur is like Persian fur and will mat easily. When adopted, Gendry will come with his brush so his adopter is prepared to care for his luxurious fluffy coat. Gendry is easy-going and would enjoy a home with other cats or dogs. He is gentle with children and would probably just hide from them if they got too rowdy. Even though he's pretty small at 7lbs, he is an adult cat and will not grow any bigger. With humans, Gendry is very social. He's scared at Petco, but at home, he's just a little love bug! If you'd like to meet him in his foster home to see his true personality, click below to apply. Once approved, we can arrange a meet and greet.