Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: L.B.

Gender: Male

Birth Month: July 2022

Lyla and Socks were put outside when their owner moved away. The owner gave their neighbor a bag of cat food and said he'd be back for them, but he never returned. Since neither of them were fixed, Lyla got pregnant and had L.B. which we think stands for Lyla's Boy. Living outside subjected them to all kinds of parasites. At FCR, they are getting the treatment they need and finally back inside! L.B. is a big boy, weighing in at almost 9lbs already and still growing! He thinks he's a tiny kitten though and climbs on your chest for cuddles. When you are home, LB is very affectionate and comes right over to be petted. He also enjoys looking out the window and watching the birds. He will cuddle up right next to you and enjoys your arm around him. Scratch him beneath his ears and he is yours forever! He is such a sweet lover boy. L.B. is very mellow and gets along well with cats, dogs, and children. He is very bonded to his mother, Lyla, and we would prefer that they stay together. Come to Petco to meet them and see how they snuggle up together. We know you'll fall in love!

L.B. (Lyla's Boy)