Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Bran & Benny

Gender: Males

Birth Month: Bran - September 2021, Benny - January 2018

These boys come as a bonded pair!

First, Bran - tabby & white. Look at this sweet chunk! Bran is a little on the shy side, but he's super sweet once he gets to know you. He must have a patient person who will give him the time he needs to come out of his shell and show you how sweet he really is. Bran has humongous anime eyes that always look slightly worried, even when he's really happy playing or excited about food. He has a loud meow that he uses when he's excited about feeding time.

Bran plays in the morning and evening, but in the afternoons, it's all about a nice nap! He's a private napper and will find the darkest, smallest hiding place possible to stuff himself and snooze. He needs to feel safe when he sleeps. So don't be alarmed if you don't see him during the day.

Bran has severe anxiety about being alone. He grew up in a home with many cat friends and had an absolute breakdown when they were all adopted and he was left alone. To help him, we bonded him to a kind older boy, a former feral, Benny. They took to each other immediately, and it is important that they are kept together.

Benny - brown tabby. Benny was found outside by a kind lady who fed him every single day for 2 years! He learned to trust people and rely on his person for food and love. When a new neighbor moved in, he was annoyed by Benny's presence and threatened to trap Benny and "take care of the problem." Not knowing what that would mean for her sweet Benny, the caretaker reached out to FCR for help. At the time, it was the middle of winter. It can be dangerous to relocate cats in the winter due to unpredictable temperatures, so a foster took him in, intending to find him a nice barn home in a few months once spring came. That didn't go as planned. Benny became friendly to his foster very quickly, but still didn't seek out her love and was still independent. Since it's hard to adopt out cats who aren't super friendly, he was sent to a new barn home.

Benny reacted very poorly to his new barn situation. After refusing to eat for a full week, he was finally returned to his foster, where he was relieved to be back inside. The foster decided to keep working with him, but didn't make much progress. What really changed was when Bran was in desperate need of a friend and the two were introduced. As soon as they became friends, Benny started following Bran to seek out attention from the foster, trying out his scratchy, unused meow to ask for food, and even playing for short bursts.

These boys get their confidence from each other and are better cats because of each other. If you are looking to adopt two cats, consider these two sweeties instead of two kittens. Remember, adult cats already have established personalities and know house manners already. They are also still young and have 10+ years of life ahead of them!

Both boys are fine with the foster mom's dog, who is large, but respectful. They get along with other cats, and Bran likes children. We are unsure how Benny would do with children. A trial adoption is available to see if they are a good fit for your family.

Bran & Benny