Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Darrin

Gender: Male

Birth Month: August 2022

Hi, I'm Darrin and am gonna be a quite dashing and ever clever young man. I'm a brown and black ticked tabby, only 8 weeks now, but am sprouting and filling out nicely. A little about me: Talk about friendly and wanting to be held! ME! I also am getting quite confident, and I don't mind voicing my opinions and calling for you when I need attention. I like to explore and am not afraid to sneak out of my room and run up and down the hallways until I'm caught. I am going to be a smart one and a really great pal providing lots of fun. My sister is Samantha who looks like me only softer and has an orange star on her forehead. We are good pals and like each other a lot. I hope you'll reach out and find out how to meet me. Love, Darrin.

**Because Darrin is so young, we will require that he go to a home with one of his littermates.