Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Winston

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2023

Winston is an extremely handsome, super sweet love bug. He is also well-mannered, very intelligent (knows how to open doors, etc.), adventuresome, and confident. Winston loves to roll over and let you pet his belly. He is a very NICE, well rounded kitty. He gets along with other cats, he LOVES watching the outdoors, and he doesn’t mind the barking dog. He is very gentle, pretty laid back, and does not run from you when you go to catch him or pick him up for a hug. He is sweet. He loves lounging in a sunny place where he can watch the outside world.

Winston was recently rescued from wandering the streets. He is approximately 11-12 months old. He made his way into a trap for food in a neighborhood where we were doing TNR work. We think someone was feeding him because he is such a nice boy, or perhaps they moved away and left him behind, or maybe he’s just a really nice kitten born last summer without a home or any veterinary care. In any event, he was just too nice to go back so we brought him into rescue.