Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Bing

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2018

Hello, I'm Bing. I am extremely shy and would need to live in a quiet household. It has taken me months, but I finally trust my foster mom and when she gets in bed at night, I am right there to be petted! I love to curl around her head. 😊 I also like to jump into her lap when she is sitting in her recliner. If she approaches me too quickly, I still get scared and run away. But I return once the commotion has settled. I would probably do well as an only cat, but I do fine with other cats. I might come out of my shell if I’m the center of attention.

See, my story goes like this: I was rescued from a feral colony at about 3 months old. Sometimes that’s too old to change feral cats into domestic cats. I was adopted but my adopter developed allergies, couldn’t continue domesticating me, and returned me to Feral Cat Rescue. The whole situation freaked me out a lot and so I regressed a little. That’s why my foster mom has been working with me so much now. I am searching for a patient person who would give me a chance. I haven’t lived outside since I was a kitten, and my foster mom knows that going out again would absolutely terrify me; so I get to remain an indoor kitty!!!

My adoption fee has been reduced to $50 in the hopes that I will find a loving home; someone with time & a big heart, to love me and help me progress even further. I have unbelievable fur and am incredibly handsome. I am a foodie and do love my breakfast & dinner of canned food. I eat dry food all day too, and I am fit as a fiddle!! Love, Bing.