Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Orion

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2016

Orion is a sweet cuddly boy of 8 years. He was returned with his brother, Harlow, when his owners got divorced. He is over-the-top friendly. Gentle with kids and other cats. Would probably love a dog that didn't chase and terrorize him. Orion would fit into any household! His foster mom says he is extremely sweet! His tail vibrates because he is such a happy boy. He loves to be with his people and will follow you like a dog. He is also playful for his age, will do short zoomies when the mood strikes.

His favorite activities include:

-- Sitting in his mom's lap while she works from home, completely oblivious that he's huge and blocking her access to the keyboard.

-- Sleeping on the cat condo in a sunny spot by the window.

-- Happily accepting any new foster cat into his home with a raised tail (which is the cat version of a smile).

-- Pretending to die at mealtimes and wondering why his foster mom won't feed him more meals.

-- Rolling on the floor with a catnip mouse looking spaced out and crazy.

Orion has IBS and is very sensitive to foods. He must remain on a special veterinary diet to avoid diarrhea.