Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Patty Baby

Gender: Female

Birth Year: 2019

I'm friendly and low key; a young lady who enjoys a good petting session. I am a good companion and am not a needy kitty (except I NEED my treats) but I am a great house cat! I am 4 years old. If you seek a quiet, yet well-mannered friend to read books to, or do some bird watching with out of a sunny window (my favorite. I do it at night too) then I'm your girl! I enjoy being part of what you are doing. Like, if you are on the bed putting a puzzle together or doing something fun, I like to be part of the fun. I like to sit in my chair or tree next to your chair. I'm sure in time I'll enjoy a warm lap, but for now I like my space. Close but not sickly sweet close. Like with sleeping arrangements; I'll hang at the foot of your bed when not on my tree; I give you some space. Often if I think you're awake - I'll gently pat your arm. If you respond I'll cup my head into your hand for some pets. If you don't respond I go back to my own spot and try not to wake you. Once I know you're up though, it's TREAT TIME! I take my treats morning noon and night. We can have treats and tea together! I love treats. yumyumyum. Eh, I also prefer to drink out of your glass. Just sayin'. I don't speak often either. Unless I'm in my carrier. I am very easy to pick up and handle and I don't complain much; but I do have quite a mouth when you drive me around. Not a fan. But I'm not bad. I've been told I'm not very appealing when I go to Petco adoption events. I say otherwise - just look at my new photo, I was recently posing at Petco. I don't think I have RBF as I've been told. I may be a bit stand-offish or swat you away after fifteen minutes of Petco exposure but who likes being stared at and fondled? I'm simply asking to be left alone. Sure, I might hiss at the cat next to me but who wants to sit next to loud teenaged kittens vying for all the attention? See, I just have my own personality. If you think we are a match, please ask for more information or to meet me.

*Patty's adoption fee is partially sponsored by Chrissie Trossbach. Her adoption fee is $50.

Patty Baby