Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Mercedes

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 24, 2022

Meet Mercedes! Mercedes was found in a feral colony, and the caretaker said she was really friendly. That changed once we got her inside. Being inside totally freaked her out and made her regress to her feral ways. With a lot of work from numerous fosters, she has made amazing progress! She's an attention hog = she'll push her way through other cats to get attention, and if you're petting other cats, that triggers her jealousy and she'll try to move them away. She's still skittish, for example, sudden movements and noises will make her run for cover, but she comes over for loves when it's quiet again. She's a very vocal girl, likes to trill and meow for attention. Impeccable potty habits, never had an accident! Although, she is an aggressive burrier, so an exclosed litter pan is recommended to avoid her throwing litter absolutely everywhere! Because Mercedes is overstimulated easily, you will not be able to meet her at Petco. Fill out an application and we can arrange for you to meet her at her foster home, where you can get an accurate idea of her personality at home.