Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: James Bond

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2019

James is a large, dapper guy, who was trapped in a feral colony. We believe he was dumped because he has been super friendly from the second we found him in our traps. Plus, he was already neutered. No microchip though.

He is just the friendliest guy! He will let you hold him, cuddle him, hug him. He especially likes to be petted on his head, neck and shoulders. He is not a fan of other cats, but might be okay with a slow introduction. He doesn't mind his foster dog, but he will swat her if she gets in his space too much. With humans, he is the perfect cat! He is patient and tolerant, especially of children. He is really the perfect housecat! We have no idea why someone would want to get rid of him. He's a gentle giant!

If you're looking for the perfect companion cat, look no further! Here he is!

James Bond