Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Gwen

Genders: Female

Birthday: May 5, 2022

Gwen is incredibly sweet and loves to be petted. She loves to come over to me in the morning when I am having coffee so she can be petted. She also enjoys crawling into bed with me to seek love. I suspect if there were not so many cats competing for my lap when I sit in my recliner she would sit with me then also.

Gwen is a mentally challenged cat. She is special ed. It took her a long time to learn what the litter box was but now uses it like a champ. I still keep the bathroom doors closed so she doesn't use the tub as a litter box. Most kittens at age 5 weeks will start using the litter box when you put them in it, but Gwen did not understand this.

She loves to play and loves to watch the birds and squirrels outside. She would do well in a multi-cat household or as a one and only. You could certainly give this young lady a chance and do a trial adoption for a month. She has a really sweet disposition and would be a welcome addition to any household.