Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Zoey

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 1, 2023

I’m the third Catwoman kitten. I’m quite unusual looking! I have a big black eye and a cute, black, button nose and lips. I’m long and sleek like my sisters. We all have this unique ‘Look’ about us. See mine here? I’m giving you the ‘stare-down’. You don’t quite know what I’m thinking. I do this in all my photos!

I also walk in front of you, stop to trip you, and rollover for you to pet me. I’m a good girl. Friendly, I like to be pet, I love to be brushed though I have short hair. I’m sweet and going to be a good cat when I grow up. When you sit on the couch, I’m in your lap. We all are but it’s hard when there aren’t enough laps ☹. I hope you can be my LAP and brush me all day. I wait at night at the bedroom door hoping to sleep in the big beds with humans. Mostly, we end up sleeping on our blankets outside the door because there are too many cats and not enough beds and humans. This makes me sad, so I am really hoping for a human to adopt me and I can sleep in bed all the time! I also love a sunny window to rest all day. And I enjoy chasing a few toys around too. I get along with all the cats and humans here, even the barking dog. I end up sleeping with the dog half of the time. Would you give me a chance? You could foster to adopt me to see if you will love me. (oh, one thing. I absolutely detest cat carriers. That’s why I’m not at adoption events. I get scared half to death and have an anxiety attack). My sister Michelle Pfieffer and I were rescued off the streets when we were ten weeks old, so I’m terrified of being closed in, like claustrophobic. Michelle does ok with the carrier but me, ugh, I’m working on it!! I hope you’re excited to meet me because I am looking forward to meeting my person! Love, ZOEY.