Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Michelle Pfieffer

Gender: Female

Birth Year: June 1, 2023

I’m one of the Catwoman kittens!! Look how sleek and sneaky I look here! You can’t tell, but I have the best markings! Like I’ve been eating marshmallows. I’m a really good kitty, about 7 months old. I was rescued from the ‘streets’ when I was ten weeks old. I was overlooked during kitten season last summer so now I’m a big kitten but I’ve matured into a good girl!

I’m funny and I like to eat spinach. I have the tiniest, cutest meow, a little tweet. My sister Zoey does, too. I feel I have a little street sass in me. I LOVE to be pet but I also can make some strange and scary growly, purring, meowing all at the same time noises if you irritate me and overpet me. I’m harmless, I’ve never hissed, bitten, or scratched. It’s just my thing. I wait at night at the bedroom door to come in and sleep with you. But in my foster home there is no room for me in bed because of other fosters and that makes me and my sister so very sad. It makes foster mom sad, too.

But we do ok and get plenty of petting and we love to sit on the screened in sun porch. We play toys, but we are pretty mild and quiet. I LOVE to be pet and meow and meow and purr and growl (is that a prowl?)? I’m getting the hang of being pampered and trusting everyone. I’m going to be a great Catwoman when I grow up!! Here is me eating spinach. I like pizza, too.

Michelle Pfieffer