Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Natalie

Gender: Female

Birth Month: June 2021

Natalie! Nattie for short, that’s me! I've been with Feral Cat Rescue since I was just a little kitten, but my special person hasn't picked me yet. I think it's because people turn away at Petco because I respond poorly. I am terrified at Petco. I get really scared, especially if I'm in a cage by myself. It stirs up a bit of anxiety and it's so noisy and loud and people staring at me and trying to touch me and I don't understand why I'm there. I think I'd like a more quiet home, too. Once you take me home and give me a chance, I'll show you who I really am. A sweet young lady (who is so nice that one of the cats in my foster home tries to bully me and that's just not right).

Since it's hard for you to meet me at Petco, I'll tell you about myself now! My favorite things include: BEDTIME! I race back to bed before you, to allow you PLENTY of time to pet and pet me before you fall asleep. I just LOVE to be snuggled and pet, especially at bedtime. SUNSHINE & PEACE! I can lay all day in a sunny window perch, a cat tree, or on a chair on a nice screened in porch. I just LOVE the sun all over me because it makes me happy. FOOD! All food. I’m a foodie. I love to eat. I’ll race you to the kitchen. I like food very much.

I really am just a sweet young lady who enjoys a calm home (not a ton of noise and commotion). I make a great partner, sleeping buddy; and I like cats too. I live with a lot of them. They all love me except one bullies me because I’m so sweet and she’s jealous. I haven’t met a dog but I’m sure I would learn to love a nice dog. I am absolutely loveable, snuggable, & adorable. Tabbies rule! Love, Natalie.