Feral Cat Rescue
of Southern Maryland

Name: Socks

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2020

Socks and Lyla were put outside when their owner moved away. The owner gave their neighbor a bag of cat food and said he'd be back for them, but he never returned. Neither of them were fixed and living outside subjected them to all kinds of parasites. Socks, specifically, was so infested with ear mites that he was literally scratching his ears bloody and raw! Luckily, we caught it and are treating his ears, both the bloody scratching injuries and the ear mites themselves. Lyla and her son, LB, are also being treated for ear mites, but they are less severe. Socks is such a sweet guy! He will form a strong bond with his human, and he'll get excited and greet you when you get home, purring and head-bumping. He also gives kisses! During the day, he likes to sit on a cat tower and look out the window. At night, he loves to curl around your head to sleep. Socks is a very mellow and affectionate boy and gets along well with cats, dogs, and children.