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After you have read all the options and if Feral Cat Rescue can be of assistance, please contact us at info@feralcatrescuemd.org.


We can lend you a trap and we can help you get it vetted for a very low cost. We often have spay/neuter grants or donated money so we most likely can pay for the spay/neuter. Rabies and deworming can be as low as $10. You would MAINTAIN the cat for the rest of the cat’s life on your property by giving it food and water daily. We can show you how to make a shelter for only $20 out of storage containers and straw.


2. MOVE THE CAT (not recommended)

On very rare occasions the cat could be moved to an appropriate outdoor situation that is not by a busy road where someone else would take care of the cat. This is very hard to find and the cats do not always stick around and wind up leaving to perhaps starve to death even though they live in a cage for 30 days to acclimate to their new environment.


Kittens can be domesticated before they reach the age of 7 weeks. The older they get the harder it is. To be adoptable, kittens need to be super friendly and walk right over to humans for love and affection. You would need to fill out a foster application which is on our website to work with us and find them homes through the Petco in California. We may not have enough cage and table space so you would have to check with us first. You could also find homes on your own. Please check with us for free spay/neuter before you find homes. Some people do not have good intentions when they take free kittens so be careful. You can run free criminal checks on Maryland Case search.

4. FERAL CAT RESCUE MAY FOSTER THE KITTENS – If we have room we may be able to take them. Our foster families are limited. Please try to make a donation to help us take care of the kittens.

5. CALL OTHER RESCUE GROUPS – You can google this to find names of other rescue groups. Grease the wheels by offering a donation.
St. Mary's County Residents:
SMAWL - 301-373-5659
Second Hope Rescue - 240-925-0628
Animal Relief Fund - 301-866-0305
Calvert County Residents:
PAWS - 410-326-1616 or 443-295-7873
FOF - 410-414-2122
CAWL - 410-535-9300
Human Society of CC - 410-275-4908
Charles County Residents:
Last Chance Rescue - 301-274-9409
Human Society of CC - 301-645-8181
Rescue Angels - go to website: rescueangelssomd.com
Southern Maryland Spay and Neuter - 410-562-6516

6. CALL ANIMAL CONTROL – The cats will be taken to the shelter and most likely euthanized.