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Hi. Winston here. I am a very handsome little guy (this picture does nothing for me). I'm a gentle, fuzzy, little thing who loves his mom and sisters. I'm just an all around well mannered, friendly, playful, good little cat. I'm sure going to be 'good-looking' when I grow up :) but I'm not arrogant at all.

My sisters are Raven and Cricket. My mom (I really love my Mom) is Victoria. We are so SWEET. We are very gentle, yet playful, have great manners, good sleepers, well behaved, and (well, just really really cute). We (mom, too) are medium haired gentle, patient, beauties.

We were rescued from an abandoned part of an apartment complex. Mom befriended a nice human who took care of the building. He found mom a nice place to have her babies and keep us all safe until we were big enough to part ways. We were born mid to late May 2018. We were obviously loved and well taken care of. So, that's our story and here we are!

Please come meet us at Petco in California, MD on Saturday or Sunday between 10:30 and 3 or fill out an application and email to diane.feralcatrescuemd.org. We'll be waiting to meet you.

Love, Winston and family.

Hey there, I'm Lark and I'm a gorgeous, fluffy 2/12 month old girl. I'm a little bit reserved, but that doesn't mean I'm not friendly or shy, I just take a little more time to get to know. I have the softest fur and sweetest purr. I love to watch the birds outside, chase my tail, and play with shoelaces! I get along very well with other cats and I'm not the least bit afraid of them! You can meet us at the Petco in California on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 3. You can fill out an application and email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org. Thank you for considering me.

Love always, Lark
My name is Becky. My brother is Sawyer. You know, Tom Sawyer right? I was born April 22 2018. When I am not playing or napping, my favorite place is on my foster mom's lap or at her head on the back of the recliner. I am definitely a purr baby, lap cat. I also love to pick up that ball and run around the house with it and drop it and pick it up again. Sometimes Sawyer, Rosalynn or Blackberry will play with me too. You can meet me at the Petco in California on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 3. You can also fill out an application and email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org. I am fully vetted. I only cost $125. I have had all three distemper vaccines and I will be getting my rabies vaccine in 2 days. Won't you think about adopting me? I would be terrific and love you bunches. Will you let me sleep with you every night? I love to sleep with my foster mom.

Yours hopefully,