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​​Claus - Born 1/1/2021

Hello, my name is Claus. I was born in a feral colony and was originally thought to be too old to be tamed, so I got my ear-tip, but then my trapper realized how sweet I am, and she decided to give me a chance to get a loving home. I am not even a year old and very friendly! I am a little shy at first, but I love people, other cats, and even dogs. I would prefer a home where I can have another animal playmate because I'm such a social boy. I have adjusted to being a housecat perfectly! I am a pretty chill kitten, playful, but not destructive, and I use my litterbox faithfully. I don't really like being held or cuddled, but I'll tolerate it. I have never threatened to bite or scratch my foster mom. I love being petted, and I'll even groom your fingers. Looking to adopt? I would be a great addition to almost any family! If you are looking for a best friend, you can fill out an application and email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org.
Love  Claus
Rosie has been living in an outdoor feral colony for many, many years. 
She had a horrible snotty cold. One of our volunteers brought her to my house so that I could give her antibiotics and try to heal her. I got her Christmas Eve and put her in a bathroom with a vaporizer and started her on antibiotics I had
left over. She hissed at me at first and I was still able to stick a syrine of antibiotics in her mouth twice a day.  After a few days, she stopped hissing at me and decided she would like to be petted. Six days later, it was vetting day.
The vet determined that Rosie is about 13 years old. The vet tested her for aids and feline leukemia and she was negative. They gave her an antibiotic shot, rabies and distemper. The vet also pulled 4 teeth and cleaned the tartar off her teeth. I was told she could go back outside... I didn't have the heart to put this older girl outside in this cold and decided I would foster her and try to find her a person who would be willing to give her a warm home and love for the few remaining years of her life.  Would anyone consider adopting her? Maybe you know an older person who would like a companion for a few years.
Let's find Rosie a home.  If you would like to adopt Rosie, please fill out an application and mail it to Diane@feralcatrescuemd.org.
Love Rosie