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Hi there! My name is Thomas. My brothers are Newt and Aris. We were rescued in Lexington Park. Our feral mother was trapped, spayed return and is being maintained by the kind lady who was feeding us. We were born around the middle of April and we will be ready for adoption around the middle of June. If someone doesn't scoop us up off the internet, we will be going to the Petco in California on Saturdays and Sundays froom 10:30 to 3. We are cuddle bugs.  We have big purr motors and we love to play and eat and sleep. Do you have a feathery fishing pole or toy mice with which to entice me to play? You can fill out an application at here and email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org I can't wait to sleep with you and be loved by you.
Yours hopefully soon, Thomas

Hi, I'm Tiggie and I think I'm a little tiger.
I am six weeks old and have two sisters, Kiwi and Helga, and a brother named Walter. I have lots of white fur with many tiger stripes, skinny ones that are fun to look at. I pretend I am a trapeze artist and walk our play tent top like a circus wire. I am sleek and fast but am also needy and cuddly. I like you to carry me around with you. I like you to hold me while you ride the exercise bike. I like to nap. We all curl up in a pile and nap when you tell us its nap time - because we are growing kitties and need our sleep. Helga is right, I make noises when I eat; I play growl because I want to eat all the food just like a growing tiger would. I have a secret the others didn't tell you. We purr a lot. Like every time we see you because we are so happy to greet you. Or if you touch us we just can't help but purr. It's loud when we all purr at the same time. I might post a better picture later, but here I am showing my stripes to you. We will be ready for adoption around June 17th when we are 8 weeks old. We will go to the Petco in California then on Saturdays and Sundays, if we are not adopted online first.
Love always, Tiggie  
P.S. You can fill out an application and email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org

My name is Ragnar. I was born March 14 2017. My siblings are Freya, Lagertha &  Bjorn. A kind lady was feeding our mother and father outside by an apartment complex. She put shelters there to keep our parents warm and one day discovered us in the shelter. We were less than three weeks old. She called Feral Cat Rescue and one of the volunteers named Diane came to get us and to try to trap our mom.  Diane had to bottle feed us for 36 hours but then she caught our mom so we are being taken care of by our mom. Whenever Diane comes into our room, we run over to her to see her. That 36 hours really made us bond with her and so we love to be loved and to be petted. I especially love feathery fishing poles to chase. If you would like to adopt us, please fill out an application and email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org. Once approved you can meet us and reserve your kitten or hopefully your pair of kittens before we start going to the Petco in California on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 3.  I would love to find a home with my brother Bjorn. If you are gone all day then if you adopted two of us, we wouldn’t be sad and lonely.  I can’t wait to meet you.  Won’t you consider me?  Yours always hopefully, Ragnar
My name is Mary. My siblings are Peter and Paul. I was trapped at a local restaurant along with my mom and my siblings. We were living out of the dumpster. Our mom was spayed and put back outside because she was so feral. The restaurant workers like her and leave food out for her, too. She will keep the rodent population down at that restaurant. I was so scared when they first caught me I was hissing and trembling. Now I love to be petted and purr. My foster mom has been holding me a lot so I will make an excellent addition to any family. She hurt her knee so she sits a lot and holds us. When she walks into the room, instead of hiding I run over so I can get some of that love. We were born around April 20th. If we are not adopted online, we will be going to the Petco in California on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 3 around June 20th. You could fill out an application and email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org Once approved you could meet us at our foster mom's house and reserve us. Maybe you would like to adopt two of us so that we can have a playmate when you are at work.
Love always, Mary