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Buddy  - Male - Born 2018
​​My name is Buddy!
 Feral Cat Rescue is accepting applications now if you want to get your application in early, you can email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org. I was a little bit shy at first but now every time our foster mom walks in our room, we are so happy to see her and we love to sleep with her. I am a love bug.  I hope to be adopted from being advertised on websites or Facebook so we never go to an adoption event. 

 My name is Shoto! I am a super HANDSOME, photogenic, SNUGGLE BUDDY Tuxedo!  I love treats!! Crunchy temptations are my favorite even if they aren't good for me. I can eat them all day if you'd like a snacking partner.  I am very handsome and look fabulous in red. I am a huge fan of purring, and I just love to make air biscuits and show off my little black bean paw pads. I love to snuggle, being pet, and spoiled. I ADORE ATTENTION! That being said, I can get a bit jealous of other cats (mostly younger ones) taking the attention away from me. I would do fantastic as a one and only cat so that I can love you and you can focus on me! 

I've been purring away while drafting my bio, so, I know someone has been searching just for me. So, I'll see you soon.
 f you are interested in adopting us, you can fill out an application and email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org.  Hope to meet you soon.

Love Shoto