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​​My name is Daniel. I grew up outside in a feral colony and my caretaker is in the hospital. Feral Cat Rescue caught me in a trap and I was a little shy at first but I loved my caretaker and as soon as I realized my foster mom is someone I can trust I warmed right up to her. I love to sleep with her. I love to curl up right next to her or get on her chest. If she walks in the room I want to be petted. I am one of those cats that moves my whole body into your hand to be petted. I love to be loved. I would be the purrfect companion for you. I do also love to play. Want to adopt me? I am at the California Petco on most Saturdays and Sundays. You can't see my true personality there but I am a lover boy. You can fill out an application and email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org

​ Love always, Daniel

Hi, I'm Gabriel and I have a black circle on my back!! My sister Gertie does, too!! I'm so sweet, loveable, and affectionate, that words aren't enough to express how great I am! My sister's too!!! We are wonderful sleeping partners and love to sleep near you. Or on you. Except when we wake up at 6am and race around the bed - we will use you as a springboard while you lie there waking up; but don't worry, we will grow out of that. For now, just think of us as your morning wake up back massage team! Please come meet me and my sisters and all of our friends at Petco in California, MD on Saturday and Sunday 10-2. Or ask for more about us right here ❤️. Love, Gabriel. Like the Angel.You can fill out an application email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org

I'm Chase! I'm a HUGE cat who's really a kitten at heart. I'm so, so friendly! I will snuggle you off your feet. I love to play and pounce, too - my favorite toys are pretend mice and clean socks from the laundry. When I try to play with other cats, sometimes I'm too rough because I'm so big. I also like to pretend bite (gently!) so I would be best in a house with big kids or adults who can understand that I'm just playing. I haven't been around dogs, but I think I would like them if they will be my friend. Can I come home with you? We'll be great together. You can fill out an application and email it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org.