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Harriet - 1 year old

Harriet is a playful kitty looking for a good home.  Harriet is a kind soul.  She will crawl in your lap and love you.  She is looking for their human to love. Could that be you? Please fill out an application and email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org.

Love Harriet
 My name is Tom Petty. I was sitting in the sick room feeling miserable when two volunteers came in from Feral Cat Rescue to choose cats to rescue. Out of pity one of them chose me knowing that besides taking up an entire bathroom for 2 to 3 weeks it would also require about 40 minutes of bleaching several times during my illness. I might have died if she had not taken me. Thankfully she was willing to do the work. I was taken to the vet and put on a strong antibiotic. I am completely healed now.  
ced but overlooked and a medium haired orange cat was taken instead. They came in on a Friday. I was sad. They took 10 cats that day.
  I was born in June of 2020. I am quite young. Now that I have been moved to her bedroom I am starting to show my personality. I am definitely a bit shy but I want to be petted. I hesitate in coming over but I do sometimes. The last couple of days instead of hiding under her bed I have come out and she has picked me up and put me on the bed and we have had a petting and cuddle session. I have soulful eyes and I am so ready to be loved and spoiled. Will you love me and give me time to trust you? Please fill out an application and email to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org.